About Us

AVBRODACAST d.o.o. is founded in 2017 in the North of Serbia.

Our team has big past in the Serbian (Yugoslav) broadcast industry since 1988.

About past:

1988 - Artline was founded (Start) 

1989 - Artline - Technical Support of "OK Kanal" (after renamed to "treći kanal") in Belgrade (Yugoslavia) Treći Kanal RTS - Wikipedia (RS) ; Vreme - Obračun kod OK kanala

1990 - K23 Television is founded in Subotica (Yugoslavia) which was at that time the only commercial TV Station at that time.

1992 - Pink Televizija (Belgrade) is founded - we helped with Technical Support  in collaboration with Čedomir Stanković (Technical Director of RTV Pink)

1993 - YU-ECO radio (Subotica) is founded and technically supported

1993 - TV Spektar (Sombor) was founded and equipped and Radio Spektar was renewed

1994 - Krajina TV (Beli Manastir) was founded and technically equipped 

1996 - Mini Radio (Subotica) is founded (owned)

2002 - K23 Television started rebroadcasting its program 24/7 with new equipment

2006 - K23 Television started automated with complete automated playout and workflow

2011 - First visiting at IBC Amsterdam

2012 - Second visiting at IBC Amsterdam

2013 - Third visiting at IBC Amsterdam

2014 - Fourt visiting at IBC Amsterdam

2017 Juni 01 - AVBROADCAST doo founded

2017 - TV Smederevo - started its rebroadcasting, but now as a commercial TV station - equiped with complete studio and "head end"

2017 - BalkanTV is founded and started broadcasting - equiped with complete studio and "head end"

2017 - Fifth visiting at IBC Amsterdam

2018 - TV Hit Plus is founded and started broadcasting  - equpied with playout and video transmition systems

2018 - Sixth visiting at IBC Amsterdam

Broadcast and production equipment sales and system integration.